Anal Washing

By | June 30, 2011

PussyA few years ago when we first started blogging I read something online that just came back to me. I think it was fiction but was written as if it were a real blog entry. The subject and author of the piece was a female blogger of whom I’ve heard nothing since, in fact I can’t even recall her name now, so don’t ask. What does stand out is the story.

The woman is told by her Master that she has been promised to another BDSM household for a night as their sex slave. She prepares by showering and getting dressed in latex clothing before being driven to the house by her Master and left as their sex toy. During her preparations she gives herself two enemas, taking great pride in her colonic hygiene.

When the householders start to take advantage of their new toy they bent her over the dining table and peer into her ass, using as I recall a speculum at one point. The Master of the house exclaims “Wow, that’s one clean ass!” to his two submissive household female pets, upon which they both peer up the woman’s rectum. The rest of the story proceeds as you can imagine with bugger, dildos and lots of flogging.

Now in truth that isn’t my kind of thing. It’s a little contrived and while not denying that it might have been true and certainly not deny that things like that don’t happen the story, whilst interesting, didn’t float my boat. What it did do though is make me think about some people’s relationship with enemas and anal sex.

Obviously a lot of people have tried anal and some enjoy it. Anal is not for everyone and there are certain things you have to bear in mind when having anal sex. The four key elements are making sure the receiver is relaxed, using plenty of suitable lube, taking care not to be too rough and cleanliness.

Of course in porn, especially certain types of porn, being rough is all part of the attraction for some consumers so rough anal sex can be depicted as without its potentially disastrous consequences. Similarly anal  sex without a suitable lube is at best painful and dangerous and in most cases utterly impossible because unlike the vagina the colon does not produce a lubrication of its own (OK except a small amount of mucus meant only to ease the passage of faeces.

And that leads on to cleanliness. Despite apparently being happy to be roughly buggered by a stranger rather than a partner who knew her limits she was acutely aware of how full of bacteria the lower human digestive tract is. There are a wide range of fetishes and simple sexual preferences around medical instruments and cleanliness and in many ways this betrayed and interest, nay fixation on at least part of that.

Now, I’m not criticising the story,  in fact  I’m not sure if I have a real point to make here other than to say that some things stick in your mind and what sticks in your mind tends to be the stuff that is very different from your own experiences and what you yourself feel comfortable with.

I’d encourage you all to read stuff on the Internet that you don’t feel comfortable with. And when you do try and use it to broaden your understanding of what people do in the privacy of their own homes and what they fantasise about doing. Remember a lot of what’s written is fantasy presented as fact, or at least left with a context that is ambiguous; some authors like this uncertainty for some reason. Don’t shy away from extreme and unusual stuff but use it to broaden your outlook and expand your sexual horizons. You don’t have to emulate what you read but the act of reading it will add to the panoply of ideas you have and enrich the way in which you think about gender, orientation, roles in a relationship and so forth.