Cum Everywhere

By | July 1, 2011

Latex DressIt was hot in our bedroom the other night and not because I was in there.  Lol  We turned on the pedestal fan at somewhere around 10pm, having waited through the early evening until temperatures began to drop.  They did but only slightly and so rather than delay any longer we decided to get down and dirty.

I was as randy as fuck, the sun always has that effect on me despite it being too warm to act on my desires.  🙂  Alex made his way down the bed to eat my pussy and I wriggled over between his knees with a perfect view of his swaying semi hard cock above me.

Pushing down on his buttocks brought his prick in line with my mouth and I parted my lips, sucking him in and encasing his erection.  My tongue started to swirl around against his exposed frenulum which solicited a moan from Alex which reverberated off my clit which he was now sucking on.

Pulling back on his foreskin I started to lick the length of his shaft, flicking my tongue as I went.  Then I took him deep in to my mouth and started headfucking him, bearing down on him like a woman possessed.  Possessed by cock.

Drool was running from the corner of my mouth as I moved my head up and down his shaft.  I giggled, as his tongue flicked over my clit repeatedly.  I could now taste pre cum ebbing from the tip of his shaft as I licked him clean.

Alex moved round to face me and pushed his legs between mine as he entered my hot wet hole.  He leaned in to kiss me leaving traces of my own juices on my lips, I greedily licked them clean and pulled him towards me, I wanted to taste more of myself.

I love the smell and taste of my own pussy and I savoured the taste as Alex started to fuck me.  I took hold of his buttocks pulling him deeper in to me with each downward thrust of his hips.  It wasn’t long before I was being enveloped by my first orgasm, my moans betraying me.

As my orgasm subsided Alex flipped me on to my side and entered me again, my left leg on his left shoulder.  He was penetrating me deeply holding on to my leg to secure me.  At one point I cried out as he crashed against my cervix and I backed off, Alex loosening his grip on my leg.

Fuck!  I was coming again as Alex pounded in and out of me.  Now we were on all fours him behind me stimulating my g-spot with each stroke.  I wanted to pee, I knew I wouldn’t but I wanted to, he was bringing me off on my g-spot.

I moaned out quite loudly, aware of this I pushed my head down in to the pillow, elbows on the mattress and ass tilted upwards to receive its hammering.  He was bouncing off my buttocks and I had to stop myself shifting up towards the headboard with the force of his thrusting.

He was giving me all he’d got and I was taking it like a slut.  I started to buck against him increasing the penetration once more and at that moment he started to groan and for some reason ran aground on my labia as he missed his aim.

Hot jets of come hit the sheets as he tried to hold back aware he was no longer inside my pussy.  He pushed back inside and continued to come, shuddering as the tip of his sensitive cock made contact with my vaginal walls.

Spent he collapsed over me and we rolled over together still locked in our mating embrace.  My hand moved in to something wet and sticky…oh, I know what that is…I smiled.