Extreme And Personal

By | July 18, 2008

Whatever your opinion about our writing here, it is honest. If we write about doing it then take it from us we have done it. But you will already know that if you read us regularly. We don’t claim to do anything that we aren’t able to execute and certainly don’t give false accounts.

I believe this is why we are so widely read.

When I choose to read a particular blog it is because I have some kind of affinity with its writer/writers or the content appeals to me. But I have found recently that some blogs are morphing in to sensationalist just to pull traffic.

I’m finding more and more blogs are becoming something that they clearly aren’t, offering tales so beyond credibility that they are almost humorous in their quest for traffic. Now I’m not blaming the bloggers as such because they are reacting to trends out there. I’m just saying that it is a shame that blogging, rather than being a window we can all peer though is now catering for mainstream porn and in a word (well a couple actually.  lol) has “Sold Out”.

We for example carry ads, to help pay for hosting the blog, but after more than three years we still effectively fund this endeavour with our money and more importantly time. And we write about us, so if we don’t do something in the bedroom, or we’re not interested in it we don’t write about it just because it’s popular at a particular point in time.

It is a shame because there’s more to creating an interesting blog than following trends – follow your heart.

But I suppose I may have to accept that times are a-changing.

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