Tied To A Chair

By | July 2, 2011

Maggie GyllenhaalI do like things a little different. Places, scenarios, … women. I really don’t have time for things that are average. That doesn’t mean they have to be spectacularly different, just different. Subtle nuances are what grab my attention, as well as the wildly outlandish.

It all stems from overhearing a girl at school claiming that she didn’t want to be different, she wanted to be like everyone else. I found it sad at the time and still do to this day. Don’t be different for its own sake but DO be different for your own sake and that special uniqueness that is you.

That’s why I find people who aren’t from the conventionally beautiful mould far more alluring than the carbon copied “stunners” that the media loves so much. Take Maggie Gyllenhaal for example. She sometimes looks so odd and that is one of the things than makes her special.

However you can take it too far, case in point, Lilly Cole – now she is a little too different for me.