Office Sex That Won’t Get You Fired

By | July 3, 2011

Long-time readers will know that I have a nice charcoal grey suit that I keep specifically for sex. Suze loves a man in a suit so it’s a guaranteed turn-on for her. Come to think of it though I haven’t had it on for ages. It’ll have to get an airing soon.

Anyway, it struck me as we watched “Dragon’s Den” last night that power as an aphrodisiac is more effective for some people than any amount of ancient herbs or Pfizer’s little blue diamond. Whether it’s you who are the one who wants to be the boss or you prefer to be controlled the simple act of dressing and acting in a certain way can really put you in the mood.

Being of the mind that a business suit is sexually provocative also means that you can sit all day at work, looking across the office and fantasising about your colleagues. Well perhaps not all day, but you know what I mean.

There’s another scenario that just occurred to me. When we worked for the same company we would slip away from our desks (in different departments) for brief, or not so brief, rendezvous in quiet corridors or store rooms. Does anyone else do that? Just thinking about the passionate kisses and frenzied fondlings that we shared at work has me smiling.

I suppose we could have justified it as mandatory breaks from our desks. But the chance of being caught doing something that isn’t quite seemly in the workplace was what made it thrilling.