Honeypot Boobs

By | July 18, 2008

Ines CudnaToday was the first day that we girls have had chance to actually speak to each other about things other than work. It didn’t take long for us to get around to a bit of sleazy talk.

It turns out that Busty (she is such a devil for punishment) has been on Friends Reunited again. You all recall last time she was contacted by one of her old longstanding boyfriends from way back. Well, he turned out to be no different to the person he was when she was with him before, controlling and deep down quite nasty.

He came to see her and expected more than he got, despite the fact that he is now married with children. I think he was wanting to rekindle his youth as he approached his fortieth birthday and in desperation (not meaning to put Busty down) he wanted to feel that Busty still wanted him. Rejection was what he got and apparently things have calmed down since.

But now we have a new contender on the scene and best of all he knows the other guy. At the moment they seem to be like flies round a honeypot. My guess is that Busty was quite…well, busty then too and these guys remember that. 😉

The only problem with all this is, she is being contacted by guys who are now married and the number of children they have is on the increase with each new contact. I reminded her today that these meetings aren’t really going to end up in anything other than upset, she agreed or at least made the right sounds.

Underneath all this I think she needs to be wanted but by the right guy and it certainly isn’t the one she went on holiday with. I want he but I don’t think she is susceptible to the female approach just yet, there is too much hetro in her at the moment. Sometimes, just sometimes, she gives me the right vibes though. 😉

The conversation then changed and Busty said that she was fed up with not being able to see her feet properly when painting her toe nails. Lol She said “I have to brush them to one side so that I can see”. I must admit doing up buckles on belts is one I have problems with, you have to feel your way.

Whilst Horny said that she was fed up with having to buy new underwear as she grew in size. I told her not to complain, as I was once a size 32A and longed for a good cleavage. She agreed that despite the fact she is now popping out of most of her bra cups, she is happier with an ample sized chest.

I must admit I was tempted to offer to hold Busty’s boobs out of the way for her next time but thought better of it. 😉