Spank, Fuck, Squirt

By | July 3, 2011

Rubber DommeTonight I think I discovered a part of me that’s laid dormant for some time due to real life issues.

I like to DOMINATE!

Alex had some latex covered canes delivered through our door this weekend for test and review and boy did I under estimate just how much fun you can have with a set of five very serious looking canes.

It looked quite innocuous that little black cane with its ridged handle, little did I know what powers it held.  Alex lay prostrate on the bed before me on this hot July night, waiting, anticipating my actions with the Spanksticks.

I started out very open mindely, almost open absently running the cane over his flesh.  The latex finish took a gentle purchase of his flesh as I dragged it down his spine and he quite liked me running it behind his ears.

But I knew what he was waiting for…his hunger.  He would have to wait to have his appetite sated there were other sensations to be enjoyed first.

Running the Spankstick over his buttocks like a bow I played him, then I ran the tip over the sole of his feet and he twitched with the tickle.

By now I was really coming in to my own and feeling so horny at the prospect of controlling this man.  I ran the tip of the stick up his spine to the nape of his neck and descended down ultimately running the rubberised tip between his pert buttocks.

I jabbed and caned his buttocks in turn, giving them a relieving rub with my hand between blows.  He moaned his content, urging me on to naughtier depths.  I delivered a more powerful and serious blow to each cheek in a rhythmic fashion, giving 4 taps to each cheek.  He loved it the dirty little…

Increasing the intensity of the blow I delivered a round of 3 sharp taps to each of his cheeks and watched as the site of the contact with the Spanksitck made itself known in a pinkish rib across his cheeks.

My job done there I asked him to roll over and I proceeded to run the latex bow across his prominent nipples, dragging the flesh from side to side.  It now became apparent to me that I was really getting off on this, I felt so turned on and so was he, his cock was proudly pointing skyward.

I tapped it with the tip of my cane… another groan.

Moments later after running the cane between his legs stimulating his perineum and over his cock, giving a gentle tap en-route Alex asked if I wanted to fuck.

You bet I do!

Opening my legs and wrapping them around his waist he penetrated me right to my cervix he was that hard.  I ground down on his hard-on and savoured the hardness of his cock and my obvious arousal.

A few thrusts in and I felt my buttocks being cold and wet and the contact I was making with Alex’s groin was wet.  I reached down and felt the wetness, it was unmistakeable…I had squirted.  This was confirmed when I touched the mattress under my ass, it was soaked.

He continued his onslaught of my dripping pussy and I came several times before he flipped me over and fucked me doggy style to orgasm.


That was one of the most earth shattering fucks I’ve had in a while and don’t I know about it, the mattress is still drying out as we speak.  😉