Milking His Cock Dry

By | July 5, 2011

BathI’m a huge fan of wanking on a voyeuristic level so I suppose it’s really good that my partner tests toys just like me.  I get to see him wanking with all the latest products and it’s a huge turn on but I still don’t think you can beat watching a guy beating his meat.  I don’t know why I just used that expression it’s one I dislike.  Lol

I like to study technique, making notes on the subtle nuances of his hand movements, his hip tilt, speed and so many other factors, all of which conspire to bring him to orgasm.

I’m always willing to learn especially when it’s in the bedroom.  😉  There is something so sensuous and arousing about the control men have over their genatalia, I suppose it’s the same when men watch women wank.  Is it?

However, I’m not one to stand on the sidelines and it’s usually not long before he’s in my grasp and I’m pulling back on his foreskin, taking control, practicing my moves on him.  Then I place him between my breast, spit on the head of his cock and push my tits together to form a tight valley for him to fuck.

Seeing him emerge from between my breasts, pre cum forming on head of his cock is a wonderful sight.  Then he disappears between my fleshy mounds to appear again moments later, head smooth and flushes with blood.

I spit again to keep him moist, his fucking speeds up and I push my boobs firmly against his cock as he plunders my cleavage.  His brow furrows, head tilts skyward and he elicits a stifled moan as he shoots cum up my chest on to my chin and cheek.

I lurve wanking with you…