Hand Job In The Bath

By | July 5, 2011

Glory HoleYesterday I was taking a bath. That’s unusual because I normally shower but whatever the reason I lay back and luxuriated in a way that showers do not allow you to do.

With my head under the water, only my mouth and nose above the surface to breath I closed my eyes and relaxed. I was aware of the support from the warm water and the absence of any sound except the occasional dull resonance of Suze’s footfalls around the house and the occasional drip of the cold tap.

After a while I felt my cock roll, semi-erect, across my thigh. I considered playing with it but decided to wait until Suze was around to enjoy it.

Then after a few minutes of silent contemplation I felt a hand take hold of my penis. It lifted the shaft to a vertical position and slide the foreskin back over the turgid shaft. I smiled and relished the feeling of another hand playing with my balls, cupping them and tugging slightly.

The hand slowly stroked me. I could feel the long finger nails digging gently into the flesh and the firm grip of the fingers. I was fully hard now, balls tightening and nestling into the base of my cock.

The strokes quickened, the fist sliding up and down my cock expert and deft.

Then is stopped for a moment.

The sensation of being wanked was replaced by the soft caress of lips and then a tongue swirling around the tip. I was sucked deep into a mouth for a moment, then released and the wanking began again.

It didn’t take long for a familiar sensation to gather in my groin then burst out, filling my lower abdomen. The muscular contractions started and I could feel semen coursing through my cock.

I heard the blobs of cum hit the water from beneath its surface and felt others splash onto my stomach.

The hand released me and let my cock slap against my stomach.

I opened my eyes to see Suze rinsing her hands in the bath water before drying off and winking at me before leaving me in the bathroom alone. I looked down to see cum oozing from my cock and floating across the surface of the water.