Having Sex Like An Animal

By | July 5, 2011

There’s a little ditty from Faithless, whose lyrics go something like this:

…I’m a sexual animal, eat you like a cannibal,
Crammed full of energy,
I’m inflammable,
Yeah, I finish my beer
So come here and get nice while I lick your ear,
Put your legs over there and kinda swing on the chair,
I swear you look wicked with your panties in your hair …

We all know that when you’ve had way too much to drink it can be a little difficult for the male of the species to perform reliably. What I’ve found lately is that what I drink has a direct bearing on how I act when I’m making love.

For example wine (red wine only because white doesn’t agree with me) makes me relaxed, and tends to give me a mellow feeling which is reflected in a slow, considered, considerate love-making. Sensual you might say and soft too.

In contrast drinking whisky appears to make me rather more aggressive and assertive. Is it just a psychological thing, or are there chemicals within the booze that affect my sexual demeanour? Bear in mind here that I’m not talking about getting blind drunk and losing control. Far from it, I wouldn’t waste a good single malt that would be a heinous sin. In all honesty I consume less alcohol when drinking spirits than if I’m drinking wine.

Does anyone else have a similar experience?