XXX Pick, Last Night I Wanted A Treat

By | July 4, 2011

Red Head Blow JobI’ve never been out with a guy who didn’t appreciate a good blow job and to be hones I really love giving them.  It feels empowering to be able to bring him off with my lips, tongue and throat, to have control over his orgasm.

But I also find myself in a slight dichotomy in that I love to bring him off in my mouth and savour his warm sticky issue as it hits my tongue and throat but I also want to enjoy the feel of him thrusting in and out of my hot pussy as I enjoy multiple orgasms.

What does a girl do?  Lol

And as I read “Last Night I Wanted A Treat” over on Adult Blog Hub I found myself sharing her wanton desire.

If you haven’t already visited My Submissive Life you should get your ass over there and read, there is some very naughty and interesting introspection over there.