Blowjob In The Supermarket Carpark

By | July 19, 2008

A few years ago Suze and I were in the carpark of the local supermarket. Normally Suze would insist that we park reasonably close to the entrance, especially if we are doing a large shop. Practical, but I prefer a walk in the (relatively) fresh air across the carpark before trudging around the store in what I always regard as a life-consuming ritual whose only alternative, and therefore biggest motivator, is starvation.

This time she insisted that we park at the far side of the carpark, next to the vans used to deliver customer’s online orders. When I stopped the car I found out why. She had already unbuckled her seatbelt and immediately unclipped mine. My trousers were hastily unfastened at the waistband and the zip undone. Then she reached inside with unseemly haste and pulled out my cock.

Initially I was very turned on. Her hand was enthusiastically massaging my member and when she leant over and sucked me into her mouth I really got into the whole idea and closed my eyes. I could feel her sensational swirling technique and began to stiffen.

Then the reality struck home. We were beside the entry ramp and although few people visit the supermarket on foot, someone doing so would be able to look down and into the car. Then there was the possibility that someone else might park up next to us, or the security cameras might pick us up.

The cold fingers of dread grasped my desire and throttled the life out of it.

Suze looked up at me “What’s wrong?” she asked.

My cock was becoming limper by the moment.

I explained my reservations.

“Ah, I suppose you’re right.” She said disappointedly.

And that was that. We keep saying we’ll do it again in the supermarket carpark, but we can never quite find the right parking spot, or the right time of day – not so busy that there are loads of people passing the car, but not so quiet as to arouse suspicion because we’re parked way-away from the store with the car rocking ever so slightly.

Ah well, we can always console ourselves with sex toys. In fact if you want to read about what she got up to with her vibrator at work click here.