The Horny Bitch In Basque And Stockings

By | July 7, 2011

Black StockingsIt’s difficult to pinpoint the moment I actually fell in love with Suze. It happened within a few weeks of our being an item and I know exactly when I told her that I loved her. It was of course a pivotal moment in our relationship and marked the true start of our lives together.

Lust on the other hand is a different matter.

I fell in lust with Suze about two minutes after meeting her. She was wearing a skirt suit, hemline around the knee that rose up when se sat down to expose more of her gorgeous legs. He legs were clad in shiny stockings. I didn’t know that at the time, they could have been tights, but I had decided they were stockings before I knew for certain.

If you ever meet her she’s still the same Suze I met all those years ago. Flirt, sexy, provocative. I wasn’t sure of her relationship status so despite being attracted to her in a pant-stirring, lump-forming way I didn’t make a move on her. I thought she was attracted to me, but because I wasn’t sure if she was involved and the mutual friends around us seemed intent on being vague on the matter I was left in that no mans land between jumping straight in and marking her down as “involved”.

It was torture. She was being friendly and flirty, but was it just friendly-flrty? She was, is, as sexy as hell and always has had a playful, sexy smile that she used to devastating effect until I was half crazy that night.

I drove her and her friends home after the party (I was stone cold sober – which is probably the only reason I didn’t try it on with her), she insisted I drop her off last. We sat in the car for hours, literally hours, outside the house where she lived just talking. I finally drove home knowing that I wanted something to happen but nothing had.

Wind forward a few months later when we had our first flat together. I told her that I really regretted not making a move that first night and she suggested something. I dressed in my suit and she in the skirt suit she wore when we first met. We drank a little wine and this time we let ourselves go and set our lust free.

We were sitting on the clapped-out sofa that came with the flat I remember putting down my wine and reaching out to touch her knee. She raised her glass to her lips and watched my hand as I felt her shapely legs. I slid my fingers further up until I reached the top of her stockings. I felt the delicate lacy trim, then the bare flesh above. We had discussed what she had worn that night and she confirmed that she had been wearing stockings and the black basque that she now wore under her suit.

There was a lump in my throat, and as you might imagine somewhere else. She uncrossed her legs and let my fingers find her mons, covered in black satin, hot and humid. She parted her legs as far as the skirt would allow and lay back. I hooked my fingers inside her panties and sought out her hot opening. She moaned, not because I was bringing her to orgasm with the first knuckle of two fingers, but because she could feel me invade her and knew I was enjoying it so much. The pleasure of exploring her most intimate places, the pleasure denied me on our first meeting. It almost transported us back there…

We were both turned on, both ready, both wanting to do the thing that my caution had denied us on our first meeting. So when I withdrew my fingers and licked them she immediately stood up and hitched up her skirt. Suze cast off her satin panties, with a little difficulty as they had to bypass her black stilettos. She lay down, legs wider apart than before, wet pussy beckoning me with its animal fragrance.

I unzipped my trousers and simply let them fall to the floor. I knelt at the edge of the sofa, erection proud and raging. I pushed the tip inside Suze, she gasped. She was used to me by now so it wasn’t that I was John Holmes reborn, it was the excitement, the moment. I withdrew and then plunged in as deep as I could feeling her stretch slightly as our pubic hair intertwined (yes we had pubic hair then).

There was no gymnastics, no Tantra, simply a good hard fuck. We both came, Suze a couple of times and when I reached my climax it was with her stocking clad legs around my ears and stilettos waving dangerously close to my head.

We retired to bed, where a little later we made love again, This time with less clothing, me naked but her with her basque and stockings still on. Corny but oh so sexy.

I am such a lucky man.