Sex Without Strings

By | July 20, 2008

Call me naïve if you will, but I have never used a dating website. To be honest Suze and I have been together since before they really existed and I’ve always met partners through work or socially, so even if they had been around I would never have felt the need to register on one.

However I was lacking inspiration last night and did what I usually do in that circumstance and typed in the few random words to the oracle of all knowledge that is Google.

I’ll not tell you what the words were, because that would allow you to find out who I am about to talk about. Suffice to say that they were pretty random. What came up was a profile on a dating website that displayed a rather disturbing profile. Not because the guy was creepy or looked odd, but be stated his relationship status as “Prefer not to say”.

Hang on a minute! Surely that speaks louder than “married” or “in a relationship”. Silence on something like that, and a guilty silence at that, surely means that you’re a) up to something, b) feel that you really didn’t ought to be and c) because you think b – then is that because you still have real feelings for your current partner.

OK, so maybe because of the fluid relationship situation (I mean he’s on a dating site after all) maybe he didn’t want to be pinned down. But I’m sure there would be a more honest and therefore informative description of his status than “Prefer not to say”. Or maybe it’s just being a dating site virgin that makes me think that.