The Magic Porn-U-Like Machine

By | July 7, 2011

Family Affairs Volume 3Everybody’s tastes are different and that extends to everything from what sandwich they prefer at lunch to pornography. The choices you make about everything from bread-based snacks to the movies you prefer for titillation changes with your mood and as far as porn goes with the company you are in.

Porn, like music sets the mood, just generally not in such a subtle way as a nice bit of Bach will. You’ll want something different depending on whether you’re on your own, with a partner or with a really dirty, disgusting filthy minded partner. So it’s nice to know that there are still producers out there who are creating a range of movies with different themes and content from “amateur” to real amateur, hardcore to softcore and a range of sexualities, straight, gay, lesbian and bisexual.

All of the above are churned out with a varying degree of care in terms of plot, production value and direction. That’s why you need an adult movie review site like Erotic Buzz.

The latest adult movie review on the site is from Suze who discovers that Viv Thomas can produce an R18 movie (Family Affairs Volume 3) that’s both couple friendly and incredibly hot, including a little anal.