Lingerie Makes My Mind A Dirty Place

By | July 8, 2011

LingerieI like a picture to tell a story and this is one of those pictures.

Or is it in my head?

In my mind this image infers so much. I see to women together, in bed. Had they just arrived at this repose or have they been there for a while? What were they doing just before the image was taken or are they about to do something? The llok on her face implies so much that I can’t believe they aren’t about to engage in some sort of encounter.

Or is it something completely different.

In the same way the I often find clothed models or those partially clothed more arousing than those fully nude this image demands that I draw a conclusion from its composition and as my disposition is towards the naughty and sexual I can only  conclude that it infers a sexual encounter.

In short I have a dirty mind. LOL