Boobs, Builders And Bulging Biceps

By | July 20, 2008

Work have had some builders working on modifying the building over the past week and both Busty and Horny have been letching. Horny decided that she liked one of the decorators and Busty was after the labourer.

These girls do make me laugh, they were all giggly and behaving just like a pair of school girls. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Horny kept going to the loo because it was near to where they were working and Busty was insistent that she ask the labourer if he wanted a “Hot” drink. Say no more. Lol

I must say that I didn’t spot anyone I would have liked to do some work for me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

As we approached lunchtime on Friday, Busty was still lusting after the labourer. She went all flushed and came over unnecessarily every time she saw him. I urged her not to let this one go, like she did with the guy she saw that lunchtime at the mall. Before she had chance to speak to him he had gone and she regretted it for days.

She asked my how she could approach him and not sound like some desperate woman. I told her that honesty is the best way, no cheesy chat up lines, just straightforward talkโ€ฆlike “hey I would love to get inside your pants”. She giggled and said that she couldn’t tell him how she felt because it would embarrass him.

Then she asked “Am I going red?”.

I suppose it is difficult to approach someone for the first time. You forget when you don’t have to do it any more.

At that point I had a moment of inspiration and asked her if she wanted me to speak to his boss who was on site, to find out if he had a girlfriend before this went any further and hopes were dashed. She ummd and ahhd about it and I didn’t really get a definitive answer.

I took the situation in hand and announced that I was going to speak to him.

When I caught up with him he was working with the guy she fancied and I had to hand around making conversation for what seemed like hours, then eventually the guy left to make drinks. I nearly sighed audibly when he walked out of the room.

No time to waste I asked his boss if he had a girlfriend and he said, “Well, sort of”, I raised my eyebrow waiting for an explanation but none was forthcomings. So, I thanked him and said I knew someone who was interested in him.

Busty was a little disappointed when I told her but at least she knew the score and who knows, maybe if he is having problems with his current girlfriend he may remember if he finds himself single that there is a cute, busty, blonde who would love to get to know him better. ๐Ÿ˜‰