Tit Job Or Blow Job…He Said Both!

By | July 20, 2008

Alex and I watched some adult television last night, which we will tell you about later but it set the mood for the evening. As soon as we had finished watching the amateur couple fuck in multiple positions we were ready for some action ourselves.

My hand reached under the covers towards Alex’s groin and it didn’t take me long to find what I was searching for. He was as hard as iron, stroking himself under the sheets. We exchanged hands for a moment and I gently glided his foreskin back towards his balls. He twitched and wriggled making himself comfortable, eyes closed tight.

I absent mindedly continued to gently and rhythmically stroke his cock and Alex reciprocated by reaching out with his left hand and giving my nipple a firm tweak through my thin cotton nightshirt. Or to be more precise one of his old shirts, which fits me just right and scoops seductively under my buttocks, revealing a quick tantalising flash of flesh if as I move.

The shirt is practical, it opens all the way down or I can have it fastened up to neckline if I’m teasing him, buttons undone to just between my boobs if I’m feeling horny. It’s also good for quick access too. 😉

He was now bucking upwards into my “O” shaped fingers, which I was using to seduce the head of his erect penis. A couple of bucks later he was raising up on to his knees at the side of me, cock bouncing in the warm evening air (the heating was on. Lol)

“And what would you like?…I can offer you a very nice tit fuck between these or I could take you in to my mouth and suck your cock”, I solicited a response from him by rolling my breasts together in front of him.

“Both!”, he replied with a dirty great smile playing on his lips.

I started to unbutton my blouse to the bottom, letting the fabric fall to the mattress beside me. Alex raised his right leg, straddling my chest. His cock was only a few inches from my mouth now and I just couldn’t resist taking in my mouth.

Leaning forwards I gently enclosed my lips around his erection and started to flick my tongue around his shiny, hard cock head. Was that pre cum I tasted. Yes, it was and I wanted more. I teased the end of his cock with a series of licks, sucks and an occasional gliding of teeth from just under the head to the weeping eye.

Alex placed his hands on his hips and looked skyward as I started to bear down on him. I positioned my tongue firmly under his head, on top of his frenulum and began to rub it with the flat of my tongue. This triggered Alex to gently flex his hips and within moments he was fucking my mouth whilst I ran my tongue down the underside of his cock, whilst using my pursed lips to roll his foreskin back and forth.

I broke his rhythm and redirected his cock with my right hand to nestle between my breasts. Taking my hands either side of my breasts I pushed them together slightly, creating a deep fleshy valley for Alex to place his cock between.

Before encasing him in my firm fleshy tits I spat on the tip of his cock and ran the mix of pre cum and spit around his helmet, he was deep prink verging on purple as his blood corsed through his body and in to his prick.

He was now ready and I enclosed my boobs around him and momentarily he disappeared from view. Then with a firm push his head emerged from between my fleshy mounds and the eye opened almost winking at me. Another thrust, then another, he was now fast gathering speed and I watched in awe as he fucked my tits.

I spat on him again as he broke free and then watched as he retracted back between me once more. Adjusting my grip, I applied more pressure to his cock with my boobs and started to join in, using them to wank him at the same time Alex continued to fuck me.

Then I let go and raised my head to take him once more inside my mouth. Alex was moaning deeply and again started to fuck my mouth. He pushed in a little deep and unexpectedly made me gag. I pushed my head further back in to the pillow creating a wider opening for him to penetrate. He took up the offer and shifted deep in to me.

I stuck out my tongue to both open my airway and create an abrasion on the underside of his cock. Within minutes he was exclaiming that he was going to come. Momentarily I toyed with the idea of him coming…was it going to be in my mouth or between my tits…

…I sucked hard on his cock as it drove in and out of my teeth. At one point he glided his hard flesh over my bottom teeth but didn’t seem to notice as his in pending orgasm number his senses.

Another inward thrust and then I could feel the warmth of his ejaculate as it spurted in to my mouth and collected on my tongue. He continued to milk himself into my mouth, gentle pelvic flexing facilitating his emptying in to me.

He gently withdrew from my mouth and I stuck out my tongue to show him what a good boy he had been. 😉 Then I swallowed his musky seed down, nothing wasted…