Put Your Finger On The Button

By | January 20, 2007

Regulars to this blog will be aware that I have been under the weather with a virus for about a week now.  My symptoms have ranged from having a bad head and the usual aches and pains to the chest infection I am currently trying to fight off with the aid of some antibiotics.  Let me hear you say ahhhh!…Louder!…LOUDER.  Lol  No, seriously I think these tablets are now starting to work, I’m feeling a lot better than I have been.

I haven’t been going out much whilst I have been feeling so shitty, so my close friend V came over to see me.  I tried not to breath on her too much during her visit.  😀  She even brought me some flowers round, she knows I’m not a chocy fan so that was very nice of her.

Anyway…we were in the kitchen and I was making her a cup of coffee, when she suddenly said “I love your purple nail polish”.  “Thanks, it’s one I got from Boots a few weeks ago, I think it’s called tempetous storm”, I replied.  She went on…”You have lovely nails…Oh, what happened to that one?”.  I looked down and she was focusing on my right middle finger.  “I caught it and ripped the nail off the other day”, I lied.  Why did I lie you are all enquiring at this point.

Because, I couldn’t tell her the truth.  I always keep my nails well trimmed to enable me to touch type, I find if they get too long I start to hit the wrong keys.  The exception to this is my middle right finger, which I keep especially short.  Have you guessed why yet?  😉

There are a couple of reasons why.  One is, I always use it to bring myself to clitoral orgasm.  If the nail were kept any longer it would scratch my inner labia and possibly my clit too.  Ouch!

My technique is to find somewhere comfortable to recline, I prefer to bring myself off laying down.  Usually I lay on the bed.  Then I turn on a good porn DVD and settle back.  Oh, I nearly forgot to mention that I shut the bedroom curtains first.  Lol

I find it adds to the naughtiness to leave my clothes on but sometimes I just want to lay there completely naked, so that I can pinch my nipples or just simply feel my hands all over my flesh.  I’m now starting to relax whilst watching a woman being DP’d on screen.  I push my hand down my panties and rest my palm on top of my mons.

This provides good support and helps to prevent RSI.  😀  Can you imagine going to the doctors with RSI and having to explain it is caused by frigging yourself too often.  I digress.  I can now run my middle right finger up and down my slit to spread the moisture which has already started to lubricate my fleshy folds.  It’s best if you are nice an slippery at first, I’ve rubbed myself up the wrong way before when I was too dry.  It’s not good.  🙁

Using small up and down strokes I rub along my clit hood, at first it is fairly flat and featureless.  I use a firm but not to hard pressure to rub along the length.  Occasionally I find it becomes insensitive and I switch to rubbing myself from side to side to enliven my clit.  You have to be diligent and follow the feedback, my sensitivity relocate a bit when I am frigging.  So move with it.

Eventually my clit starts to swell and becomes a little hump which is now easier to stimulate as the engorgement enhances the feeling.  At this point I place one foot on top of the other and squeeze my buttocks together, this seems to focus the stimulation to the base of the spine.  This is the point where the pleasure sensors are located.

As I get close my feet begin to tingle slightly and my clit becomes extremely swollen and highly sensitive.  I adjust my fingering now, makings side to side moves, barely moving my finger and using a little more pressure.  The action is more like a flick from side to side but keeping the finger in place.

Within minutes of me reaching this state of euphoria I know an orgasm is imminent.  I quicken the pace and squeeze my buttocks together even harder.  Then it hits…my feet pulse and tingle, the electric wave climbs up my legs and in to the base my back.  As reflex action, I lift my shoulders and upper back from the bed and tilt my pelvis back.  I have tried to be silent when I cum but it is impossible, there alone in the bedroom I moan like a sated whore.  Twitching with each wave of my orgasm.  The movement from my finger is now slow and gentle as I milk the last of my cum from my vaginal walls.  Fingers wet, the aroma of sex now filling the room.

Little did V know that her enquiry would prompt a post for my adult site.  🙂  Also I haven’t told you the other reason for keeping my nail so short…