Fitty With Big Titties Gets Fucked

By | July 20, 2008

Red Hot TVNot the sort of title that I’d normally put on a post but it is exactly the title of the movie Suze and I watched this afternoon on Red Hot TV.

Fitty With Big Titties Gets Fucked is an amateur title from the online arm of Red Hot TV, a channel that’s existed for over a decade, broadcasting softcore porn on the UK’s satellite channels. Freed from the constraints of the UK’s strict broadcast franchise licensing conditions by construction of it’s video on demand online site at, they now provide the teeming mass out there (that’s you guys) with hardcore porn on demand.

Being populated with amateur titles the channel is different in character from its sister channel The people you see in the scenes, while enthusiastic, are not professionals, though the lighting and camera crews are obviously not guys who just happened to pop down from the local pub. Why do I mention that? You’ll see later.

The “Fitty” in question is waiting for the male half of this scene in her bedroom. He looks like a boy I used to go to school with who we called Rollo, so in the absence of another name I’ll call him that. There’s no real pretence at plot, just that this guy likes large boobs and that’s one thing she has. They’re large (DD), natural and eager to be fondled, and rubbed, and sucked and dangled on this guy’s stiff cock.

And our fitty is no size zero super model, she’s a very curvy young lady and proud of it. Wearing fishnet stockings and lacy knickers she is all over Rollo from the moment he walks through the door. Her red high heels are waving in the air one moment then digging into the mattress the next as they progress though a variety of positions.

Rollo does rather suffer from the lights and the apparent lack of ventilation in “Fitty’s” boudoir, his body is glistening by the time she takes him into her mouth and sucks him to climax.

This is a very honest offering with few cuts, even when the camera is pointing variously at the floor, crew or production equipment.

It’s well worth a watch and makes a refreshingly candid change from the over-produced and unrelentingly dull tripe that some studios churn out.

I mentioned at the start that the technical side of the scene was evidently non-amateur. That’s because they and their equipment do occasionally come into shot. Tighter camera work and more editing would have fixed most of these occurrences, but that would have detracted from the gonzo feel of the scene. Plus you’d have lost the moment where “Rollo” is pounding Fitty’s pussy with her legs around his ears and an arm reaches into shot to pick up what looks like a tube of lube from the bedside cabinet.

You can find Red Hot TV here or if you prefere non-amateur try TelevisionX.

Although it’s an amateur channel I noticed that in their listings last night they had a free Cathy Barry teaser. Now Cathy is by no stretch of the imagination an amateur, consummate professional I’d describe her as. The teaser’s for the Busty Brits Abroad series. It reminded me, to remind you guys that Red Hot are having a Cathy Barry night tonight (20 July 2008) on Sky Channel 922 (That’s Red Hot DD on the programme guide).

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