Sex In The Office Is OK Here

By | July 11, 2011

Veronica ZemanovaWhen you get the urge to do something it’s often the best to do it there and then. Now that isn’t always possible because there are certain things that are not acceptable in public.

What I’m talking about is a bit of spontaneous naughtiness at the offices.

Last night we were writing after a rather nice screw when the urge came over me to do something naughty. I took hold of Suze’s arm and turned her towards me. She rotated, with a rather puzzled look on her face, on her gas-lift office chair. I pulled her towards me our respective five-wheeled chariots trundling across the carpet.

We kissed and while our tongues entwined I slid my hand between Suze’s legs. She parted them and my fingers found her labia still wet from our earlier love-making. Suze moaned slightly as I began to part lips and play with her clitoris. I flicked it with my middle finger and rolled it around.

I had forgotten how enjoyable it is to toy with your partner in a clandestine way. We both knew what was going on, but it was like the time when my parents first met Suze. They took us out for a meal. Suze wore a black skirt-suit and lilac blouse, underneath were stockings and suspenders. I knew she’d wear stockings she says it makes her feel special and sexy.

During the meal my hand was on Suze’s leg and I managed to slowly hitch up her skirt while we talked with my parents sat on the opposite side of the table. I had her skirt up far enough to reach her stocking tops and touch her bare thigh when despite the mischievous sideways glances I was getting from her she grabbed my hand and moved it away. I can see her point, not the best thing to be caught doing at your first meeting with the boyfriend’s parents – being caught with your skirt around your waist being fingered in front of them.

But back to last night.

Suze adjusted her hips so I could slide my fingers in and out of her. Then I felt her hand slide under my dressing gown and grasp my cock. I was already semi-hard and quickly stiffened in her grasp.

We played with each other for several minutes the smell from between Suze’s legs, the combination of male and female cum, suffused the room.

Then we stopped, lots to do and there would be time later for sex.