Wow What A Super Pussy

By | July 11, 2011

We girls all know how important it is to regularly exercise our pelvic floors. If you don’t you should be, it helps to strengthen the PC muscles which guards against stress related incontinence and it will improve your sex life at the same time.

I usually do them when I am sat at my desk for a few minutes each day.

But it takes some doing to be crowned “The worlds Strongest Vagina” I just read that a 42 year old Russian woman was given that accolade.

Tatiata Kozhevnikova has spent the last 15 years training her pussy to support unbelievable weights since the birth of her child. She says her muscles got very weak and started her fanny workout.

Can you believe this…she just lifted a 14kg glass ball!

Testament indeed to pelvic floor exercises.