Virtual Pussy Made Real

By | July 12, 2011

KaileenaAs the blurring of the cyber and real world continues there’s a building tension between what we expect technology to deliver and what it can. While user interfaces improve and evolve the ability to provide sensory stimulation to the user as feedback from computer programs and other humans is developing slowly.

Electronic devices can see, hear, detect our movements, sense our presence with infra-red and pressure sensors and they can even “smell” us. However providing that stimulus back to us is still a way off as it might require direct or induced nervous stimulation to implement with any degree of accuracy, speed and realism. We can’t jack-in Matrix style yet.

I came across a few discussion boards today talking about the video game characters they (mail gamers) would like to see come to life or to be able to interact with – if you know what I mean.

The Final-Final Fantasy?

Anyone out there got a particular video game character they’d get jiggy with – Please don’t anyone say Sonic The Hedgehog.