Naughty Blonde Hand Job

By | July 13, 2011

Kim WildeI made the mistake of going to the nail salon with my mother a few months ago to get my nails done.  The reason I say mistake is because now I’m addicted to having my nails manicured and French polished.  They look great when they have been done.

And there’s also the bonus that I get to sit and hold hands with a great looking blonde for an hour whilst I’m having them done.

If I had to describe my manicurist I would say she looks like a cross between a very young Haley Mills and Kim Wilde and she wears her hair in a long tussled style which makes her look simply hot.

When I got back I thought I would check out if there is such a thing as a hand fetish and there is, although I’m not sure what it is called but I’m sure someone out there will know and comment.

There are sites dedicated to big hands, soft palms and nails of course.  You can even join in online forums.  I will add I’m not in to having a manicure in that way, just being touched by one great looking girl who I would like to do give my own kind of hand job on.  😉

Me bad!