Fucking At Warp Speed

By | July 21, 2008

Porn and Parsecs – Sci-Fi And Sex

I love sex and I love sci-fi, but never once have I been tempted to put them together in the bedroom. That doesn’t mean that I don’t find sexy sci-fi a turn on, or that I think a bit of sci-fi fantasy in bed is a bad thing. It’s just never been something I’ve wanted to do.

I think the reason that sci-fi and sex work is that sex itself is about escapism. When you’re making love, or just fucking, you are outside the real world and into the realm of hedonistic pleasure. When you’re making love you don’t tend to think about the mundane everyday stuff that usually clutters your mind and drags you down, you’re in the moment with your partner and surrounded my an infinitely thin-walled bubble that displaces you from reality.

It’s possible for reality to burst that bubble – the phone ringing “Oh it’s your mum” for example – but while you’re in it you are the most important two people in the universe.

Sci-fi allows you to view an imaginary world where anything is possible. In the here and now we are constrained by our current level of knowledge and therefore have defined boundaries in terms of communication, movement and experience. In Sci-fi those boundaries are gone and the limitless possibilities that this opens up is akin to the moment of orgasm.

For me that moment is like the universe exploding around me. Not in the Star Trek style jump to warp, but more as I imagined Frank Herbert’s Guild Navigators from the Dune novels would see it, fluid, ever-changing and alive with possibilities.

There is of course the possibility of xeno-sex, though how you’d actually physically interact with another species in a sexual way is something that I suppose we’ll only discover after our first contact with aliens. Unless you subscribe to the apparently universal sci-fi acceptance that all vaguely humanoid species are generally compatible in terms of genitalia you do have to ask the question “How likely is it that we would be able to breed with another species?”.

However that’s not the point. Sex in sci-fi is about fantasy and you have to take it as a given that a) you’re genitalia will be compatible with an alien’s, and b) that they will find you attractive. In reality it isn’t likely that they would (I mean would you find even our closest simian relatives a turn-on?).

Aside from the general idea that the possibilities are endless in a sci-fi world there’s also a very specific reason you might get turned on by a sexy alien.

Look at Seven Of Nine from Star Trek, she’s the ultimate dominatrix don’t you think? She enslaves you by assimilation!

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