Wearing Nothing But Skin Tight Wet Lycra

By | July 14, 2011

Black SwimsuitThere’s always been a lot of fuss made about going topless on the beach. I suppose it comes from a time when a Bikini was exotic and topless was, well, obscene.

Funnily enough I’ve always been one to enjoy a one-piece bathing suite on a woman. Bikini’s are nice but I do have a thing about wet, stretched Lycra. I think it enhances the female form and draws my eye far more than a skimpy three triangle affair that probably costs a fortune because it’s the latest designer garbage.

When walking along a beach I do rather like to see a line of nicely displayed female arses. Although there’s the obviously attractive option of spankable bare flesh displayed in a thong I find the site of them with a thin covering of stretchy fabric very gratifying.

So there you have it. One of my little kinks, laid bare, or indeed not so bare.

I’m going to have to stop thinking about holiday beaches cos I’ve had my hols this year.