Bringing 3 Guys To Orgasm

By | July 15, 2011

The Cock FunI had some time to spare this lunch time and I felt like a break after having a disturbed night of sleep due to a neighbours alarm going off several times in the night whilst they were away.

So I decided to log in to my favourite chatroom and see who was around.  It was quiet at first but soon I had a whole bunch of guys chatting to me.

At first most set off quite tentertively, asking how I am and have I had a nice day before moving on to the dirty talk but some just jump right in there and start openly fantasising about what they want to do to me, with me and on me.  Lol

Those guys can mostly be left to their own devices, amusing themselves with each message they type.  I occasionally have to interject with a smiley face or a wink.  So all in all they just get on with it.  The other guys are more thoughtful and court me a little before getting down and dirty.

Today I was in conversation with 1 guy who was like an impetuous teenager and was bursting to release himself as soon as he started to chat and a couple of others who were giving it some oral foreplay first.

And at the other end of the scale I had a couple of guys who just wanted a general chat, which is fine and kind of balances the conversations out.  During my exchanges I received 3 pics of a guy’s dick and a full frontal from another one sporting a large hardon.

Needless to say it was wet crotch time as I squirmed in my chair being assailed with dirty pics and dirty talk.  A few choice words and I could tell that the guys were getting close and Mr Selfcontained had already blown his wad.  I know because he told me he had ejaculated in to his sock.  I do hope his wife if he has one doesn’t mind when she finds it in the washing.  Lol

I rather enjoyed teasing the other two to their final destinations it made me almost as excited as them and I couldn’t wait to slip off and have a crafty afternoon wank myself.  But being courteous I waited until they had popped.

One of the guys even offered to talk me through playing with myself until I came.  Thoughtful.

Now don’t you all wish you could have a lunchtime at work like mine?  😉