Just Watch Me Go

By | January 22, 2007

I don’t have many secrets from Alex and for that matter from my readers.  You are all well aware that I sometimes take to the bedroom for a little self pleasure in the afternoon with a good helping of porn.  😉

I’ve never kept this secret from Alex and he has often been able to tell me that I have been twiddling with my buttons.  Lol.  Apparently you can tell when there has been a lot of pussy rubbing happening, it tastes a bit rubbed up down there.  I wouldn’t know, it’s a while since I tasted some pussy.

Disappearing off to the bedroom with a DVD in my hand is a bit of a naughty indulgence I must admit.  Being on my own during the daytime allows me to do as I wish when I wish.  As I place the DVD in the drive and recline back on to the bed, I feel like a naughty girl and that adds to the pleasure of my own indulgence.

Sometimes I will rerun a particular scene if it makes me horny and rub my little button for all it’s worth.  I’m still getting used to the fact that no matter how I try to subdue and stifle my cries of pleasure as I cum, I just can’t.  The guttural moans and groans are heard by nobody other than my cat who sometime takes to lying at the bottom of the bed.  So why should I feel a little guilty that I orate?  Strange I know.

One other thing did occur to me as I settled down to masturbate…Alex has never watched me bring myself to a clitoral orgasm.  It had never occurred to me to do this when he was around.  After all, we usually fuck when he is with me.  Then just for good measure we fuck again.  😉

So it never occurred to either of us that he would probably delight in seeing me buck against my hand and arch my back as I came in front of him.

Well, Saturday night I made sure he witnessed my own self gratification.  Not just that, I wanted to see him enjoying his own body too.  We both lay on top of the bed, I began to massage my little nub and he took hold of his cock.  Out of the corner of my eye I could see his hand slipping slowly up and down his hard shaft.  This made me feel even more sexual and I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to climax.

In the blue light emitted from the porn playing on the television screen we both worked our sexual organs for each other.  I was vaguely aware of Alex groaning as he began to swell under his own ministrations, I felt myself slipping off the edge of consciousness as my pussy started to swell and my clit became rigid under my finger.

My attentions were now focused on me getting closer to orgasm.  But then from out of the blue and without warning, I began to feel a little uncomfortable and guilty for making myself this aroused.  I have no idea where this came from but Alex must have picked up on it and he leaned over and began to suck on my right nipple.  This helped me to refocus and soon I was slipping back in to the warmth of my ensuing climax.

I looked over to Alex and he was pumping his cock hard now.  This spurred me on, I really love to watch a guy wank.  To admire and absorb his technique for later use, to enjoy the ecstasy his own hands can bring.  I quickened my pace and watched the two gardeners fuck the lady of the house…then bang!  Without warning my spine arched, I started to moan in exaltations, my fingers dripping with my own juice.

Before Alex I writhed and twitched as my orgasm took me over.  I was completely oblivious to all around me.  Then slowly, slowly I began to settle back to reality.  Next to my side Alex was pumping on his cock, the head shone in the light.  A couple of hip thrusts later he was spewing his seed on to my stomach.

As the last of his spasms hit, I reached down and scooped some of his fresh semen from my tummy and licked it from my fingers.  He tasted so good…