Watching Porn, And Why Not?

By | July 16, 2011

Freaked OutIt comes as no surprise that Suze is quite open minded when it comes to sex and sexuality. I’ll give most things a try once. You notice I put most things. Lol

Watching porn comes as second nature now. Gone are the days of getting those feelings of and embarrassment when viewing it in the company of a guy. I used to go red and feel a little flustered. Now I can sit and watch some of the most hardcore stuff and not bat an eyelid.

Along with the embarrassment used to be the insecurity that my boyfriend was ogling another woman. And from that springs a strange kind of jealousy. A jealousy that shouldn’t really have developed, it wasn’t like he was ever going to bump in to this woman and be seduced by her.

Still, all the same I did feel envious. I suppose that came from my own insecurity at the time. Probably the result of some really bad relationships in the past.

Nowadays I don’t have any of those hang-ups and Alex and I can enjoy a good porn film together. And then afterwards discuss it and review it. How times have changed. Lol

What brought me to this? Well, I just read the following question in the Daily Mail and it triggered this post.

Read the question and see how you would answer the woman.

“My boyfriend wants me to watch a porn film with him. He thinks it will liven up our sex life, but I have no interest in pornography and fear it’s the slippery slope to ever more kinky sex.

On the other hand, I don’t want him sneaking off and watching this kind of stuff on his own. Will it seem prudish if I say no? What should I do?”

Now check out the advice given and see if you agree.