Big In The Bedroom And Fun To Ride

By | July 17, 2011

In BedI frequently find that the male attitude towards sex toys and women is that they start to feel competitive and metaphorically start to fluff up their feathers.  Instead of toys being seen for what they are they become a threat to a male’s potency for some reason.

This behaviour has become more apparent since I started to chat on social networking sites which is a more immediately interactive forum than answering blog comments. To a degree writing a blog such as this one can be quite insular in terms of feedback.  If no comments are left then knowledge and opinion isn’t shared.  That’s why I enjoy the interaction on the social networking sites it gives you the opportunity to solicit comment from a group of like minded adults.

A regular topic of conversation as it’s part of my daily life, my job, is testing sex toys.  I can’t count the number of times I’ve written about testing a product and solicit the response “you need to give this toy a try” or “don’t you have a man that can take care of things?” and even “it can’t be as good as the real thing”.

Well, I’ve got news for you.  I can get off on a toy just as much as the “real thing” and I can have more than one orgasm a day so you no need worry that I won’t want to get down and dirty with you when you get home.  In fact if anything, I will be more in the mood and receptive to your advances.  😉

People need to re-evaluate their opinion on toys and when I say people I really mean guys.  They aren’t going to steal your woman from you but they may encourage her to be more open and sexual in the bedroom.

Try to be more accepting and look upon them as a sexual supplement rather than replacement, unless that is what’s required of them.

I’ve listed the three main applications for toys, if you have any other suggestions feel free to comment.

Pleasure for one:

We have all encountered times in our lives when there hasn’t been a partner to fulfil our needs.  I know I have.  Even when we are single, as warm blooded human beings we have desires and needs and there is an array of toys for both males and females to pleasure us.

A commonly used toy is the rabbit for the ladies and the males have a wide choice of masturbators.  I truly believe that having an orgasm in therapeutic, you feel more relaxed when you have come and have an overall sense of well being.

An accompaniment to a relationship:

And just because you have a partner doesn’t mean that you both can’t experiment with new pleasures.  A simple massager can be used by both parties as part of foreplay to relax and ease away the tensions of the day as a prelude to sex.

Or why not try a little mutual masturbation with toys, this can be very arousing.

A sex drive supplement:

You may be in a relationship where your libidos are mismatched, he may want to indulge in sex more frequently than his partner or visa versa.  If that is the case then a toy could be used to satisfy the needs of the more sexually active partner.

I hope reading this post made some of you rethink your views on sex toys, they aren’t the enemy, far from it.  😉