Slap My Pussy Big Boy

By | July 18, 2011

Goth ChickI enjoy watching porn on two completely different levels.  Of course there is the sexual stimulation level and the other is the production level, including acting and direction.  Bad scripting can kill a scene, I know were not talking BAFTA award winning productions here but if it’s poorly done then you may as well not bother.  Lol

The other day I reviewed a DVD over *here* which could be categorised as being an ill conceived idea which was executed appallingly.  I found watching it didn’t turn me on but into a film critic which isn’t exactly what you watch porn for.

Another real downer within porn are some of the practices which seem to have been adopted as industry standards and include throat grabbing, spitting on everything, gurning, asthmatic breathing, single finger fucking and last but not least pussy slapping.

Where did they get the idea that slapping someone across the clitoris and labia turns them on?  When I tried it I got a sting just as you would from a slap, which didn’t turn me on at all as I’m not in to that kind of stuff.

For some people watching porn is an introduction in how to behave with a woman or even the only tuition a virgin may have.  Can you imagine on their first date they have a lovely evening out then he goes back for a coffee.  They make their way to the bedroom throw themselves on the bed in a clinch.

They hastily undress and fondle, kiss and then he decides to deliver a pussy slap to her intimate parts.  Ouch!  If he did that to me my gut response would probably be to slap him back.  I’m sure you’ll agree not a good start to a relationship.

Take heed guys, porn can be totally misleading…