Fucked So Hard I Squirted

By | July 23, 2008

When we went to bed I wasn’t really in the mood to get intimate. It has been a hard week, no it has been a hard few months at work and it is taking it’s toll on me. I’m getting home from work and all I want to do apart from speak to you is just sit and relax. I swear some days I could kill people at work!

So, off we toddled to the bedroom. I put a DVD in the drive and we undressed and slipped between the sheets. Alex immediately snuggled up to me and I turned to spoon with him. He kissed my neck and I rubbed my ass in to his groin as I mewed my appreciation.

The DVD started up and Alex selected a scene, it was the one with the Vacbed feature. It’s changing the subject but I would really love to know how it feels to be completely encased in latex with just your eyes, mouth and genitalia showing. To be touched, teased and eventually fucked…wow!

Anyway, where was I? Yes, the DVD started to play as we lay there embracing, relaxing, feeling the heat of each others bodies. My eyes were focused on the screen as I felt the soft touch of fingers upon my right nipple. Rolling, flicking…pinching.

I was soon brought out of my torpor, I reached back with my right hand to between Alex’s legs. He adjusted to allow me to free his trapped cock from its fleshy cage. He had a semi and I gave him a reassuring squeeze, them proceeded to roll his cock on the cleavage between my buttocks.

He moaned…he liked it!

His had was now kneading my right breast but my left yearned for some attention. I took my left nipple in my left hand and began to roll it firmly but slowly between my thumb and middle finger. Oooh, that felt good and indulgent.

Alex was now grinding his groin against my buttocks and I was loving it. Sometimes I feel like my pussy has a direct link to my head. I was so turned on mentally, I had made the leap from being uptight and stressed to horny and ready for it.

She had now started to tease him as he stood prostrate before her his cock straining against the latex.

A hand slipped under my left side and took a firm hold of my left breast. I moved my hand downwards to that warm moist cleft. Hands were now massaging in unison both of my breasts. My own hand could not resist joining in and I started to roll my clit with my right index finger. I was so wet, so ready for it. 😉

Alex was now rubbing his cock against me in a slow and deliberate stroke, dragging his foreskin across the firm flesh of my ass. Running up and down the groove between my buttocks. Wanking himself off between my cheeks.

This was heaven. I was close to coming, my clit was pulsing with desire, firm, engorged and ready to explode. I continued to apply pressure as I flicked my clit from side to side.

Was that a voice in my right ear?

“I want to fuck you, open your legs”, came the request.

Gladly I parted my legs and allowed Alex to plunge my depths. He pushed in to me and my muscles spasmed for a moment. He then withdrew, to drive straight back in to me again. Coating his hard cock with my juices.

I pushed back against him, curling my right leg over his right thigh. He fucked me so deep that I had to ease off him as he bottomed out on my cervix. Position changed I started to buck back against his thrusts in to me.

In, out, in, out, my pussy pulsed with life as he fucked away at me, harder, deeper. Fuck, I was now so wet. I could hear him working in and out of my cunt. The sound urging me closer to orgasm.

Moments later my pussy started to tingle along with my limbs, shocks ran up my spine, my breathing became rapid and shallow. Alex placed his hand on my right thigh and fucked me with gusto, sensing that I was close. Well, he knew really as I announced that I was about to come. 😉

I felt the orgasm rip through my body but rather than it hit and then slowly subside, there was something else…I felt an undertone, a ripple, a prolonged orgasm. Then the warmth. A feeling of well being took over my body and a warmth engulfed me.

The warmth was then replaced by a wetness. My pubic area felt damp. I reached down between my legs, I was wet. Alex slipped out of me as his cock retracted and he rolled over to the side of me.

“It’s wet”, he announced. I felt the bedsheet to the right of me, it had a large wet patch. But I hadn’t urinated and this had no smell.

I had squirted, ejaculated. And the funny part of this was, he had to lay in the wet patch. 😉