Sexual Masquerade

By | July 18, 2011

MaskWhen a criminal wears a mask it is to hide who they are and avoid detection for their actions but when people wear masks in sexual situations the reasons are somewhat different.

In the first instance the mask may be to hide their identity. If you’re swinging and don’t want to be recognised as the local head teacher then a mask may be how you achieve this. Although this may be part of the reason that some people like to wear masks  during sex I don’t think it is the primary one.

Unlike the criminal robbing a bank who wants to suppress their identity masks worn during sex allow those wearing them to express themselves in a way that they might otherwise feel self-conscious about doing. Yes there is that element of not wanting to have your liking for sex with strangers to be carried over into your everyday life if you are recognised but more than that is the way in which a mask disassociates you with your own sense of identity.

If you have sexual preferences that are not widely accepted within your family or social group, or ones that you yourself are attempting to come to terms with then wearing a mask can help. By providing a physical barrier between the public world and that special part of you which you want to express but otherwise dare not, the mask acts to release you from your usual inhibitions  and social controls – be they imposed by you or those around you in every day life.

Some might say I suppose that the mask allows you to be someone else and in some instances that may also be true. Role playing is a fun way to enhance your bedroom antics so the use of any costume or other prop to promote this is entirely healthy. I would contend that this is only one aspect of why masks are so popular and maintain that they are an object which liberates rather than obscures a person’s true self.

Anyone out there like to wear masks in the bedroom?