Shagging In The Pool

By | July 19, 2011

Pool TitsWhen Alex and I booked our Tuscan villa we were eager to try out the pool, neither of us have fucked in a pool before and the very thought added a new dimension to the holiday.

We knew that the villa’s owner left his brother in charge of the running of the retreat and that he lived on the land but didn’t know just how close he would be.

It turned out that there was always someone around during the day because it’s a working farm, growing olives for oil.  As you also are aware from my previous post they also keep animals, including 2 cockerels (grrrr!)some fancy pigeons a black and white cat which we only saw a couple of times and a couple of dogs which live in a kennel and run outside in the garden.

One of the dogs, Peepo or something sounding very similar made quite a friend of Alex during our stay but unfortunately smelt very doggy and was a little grubby so we didn’t encourage him to fuss too much.  Lol

All week we had been looking out for an opportunity to get in the pool which over looked the wonderful landscape and finally on our last day we thought we were in luck.  There were no cars on the driveway below the villa which suggested that there was nobody around.

We quickly rushed upstairs and slipped in to our pool wear, grabbed our towels and waterproof lube which we brought over from the UK and made of the water.  The pool was situated about 50 meters from the house on some land between the olive trees, a small oasis of lawned area and tiled poolside for sun loungers.

Alex was eager to brave the water first, it’s still quite cool at this time of year but you can still swim in there if you have a steely determination.   I was just about to slip in next to him when I noticed a head bobbing about in one of the adjacent fields.

Bugger!  One of the farm hands was working in the field.

We gave up on the idea but have not given up totally, vowing to return to our Tuscan retreat next year with a fresh bottle of lube.