Making Out With John Barrowman

By | July 24, 2008

Horny watched a breakfast show yesterday morning which featured John Barrowman. On the show he revealed that he has taken part in the filming of a series of programmes trying to get to the bottom of what makes him gay.

The research involves them scanning his brain whilst viewing different erotic images, looking back in to his upbringing and studying his genetics. The series of tests was looking in to whether his sexuality was defined from birth or shaped by his upbringing and environment.

It sounds like pretty interesting stuff and of course there is some wicked eye candy for the girls even if we don’t stand a chance. *sigh*

John is urging the parents of gay children to watch the series to gain an insight in to why some individuals are gay. He apparently receives lots of mail from people being apprehensive about coming out for fear of being shunned by their families or just frightened of coming out.

This series makes its debut on BBC1 on July 24th at 9pm, don’t miss it, I for one will be glued to the screen. 😉