Sexual Subtlety

By | July 19, 2011

There’s a difference between shouting it out and whispering it quietly. And the difference is that after a while, if you keep shouting people become deaf to what you are saying, even if they were attracted by the racket in the first place. Whereas if you whisper something people still want to find out what it is you are trying to convey to them and will strain to hear it.
Subtlety you see.

Too many people forget this and it’s with a great deal of sadness that I see examples of shouting, both actual and metaphorical every day. However the specific reason for this particular post was a song I was listening to at lunchtime which conveys a lot more than most people notice because of the lyrical metaphors that are easy to overlook.

Compare it if you will to almost any of the tracks available on CD or for download that display (often rather proudly) a declaration that they contain “explicit lyrics”. Yawn! Anyone can swear but making swearing mean something is an art. Using “mother fucker” sparingly has impact, repeatedly using the term, or any other profanity turns what is initially shocking sound into white noise. It’s the reason that when Dave Grohl screams “It’s just fuckin’ words!” his voice and the melody grabs you and carries you along with the heartfelt emotion rather than the f-word simply being a collection of vowels and consonants.

So, enjoy the track and listen to what the astonishingly beguiling Ms Manson has to say. Oh and watch the video too 😉