Bisexual Convertible

By | July 25, 2008

I’m bisexual for those of you who have only just started to read. Oh, and welcome. 🙂 I consider myself to be very lucky, being attracted to both sexes and gaining equal pleasure from both.

Just like any other girl I find men attractive but I have the added kink of being able to talk to Alex about girls that I fancy too. This adds a whole new dimension to our relationship. In fact Alex knows me so well now that he can tell me which women I find attractive and gets it right most of the time.

He knows me so well. Lol

Despite writing such an open and honest and for the main sexual blog I can at times be quite a reserved and shy person. For some reason the shyness seems to be more evident with female to female contact than male to female. I don’t have a clue why, if anyone has any ideas do let me know.

Trying to analyse what I just said, I’m wondering if the flirting side of me is more agreeable when it is female to male. Do I feel more comfortable captivating the male of the species than the female. Or is it because on the whole men are very easy to read and their response can be easily and quickly interpreted? Therefore considered a safe bet. Uhmmm.

This question has arisen as the result of events this evening driving home from work.

I’m so used to men looking at me that I almost missed a woman sitting in the queue at the lights looking intently at me. I was in the right turning lane and she was in the straight on lane. You know the feeling when you are aware without seeing them that someone is looking at you. Well, I got that sensation. I looked over to my left to see a blonde bobbed woman, about 38 looking directly at me. At first it made me feel uneasy and then I warmed to it. 😉

I noticed her hands upon the wheel of her car first, they were decoratively painted in pink and silver. Then I noticed the motif in the middle of her steering wheel, it was a Mercedes. I looked at the car silver, sleek and convertible. Then at her face, she was still looking at me. Then I heard her pump the gas as she winked and simultaneously drove away from the lights.

Although the encounter could have been no more than a couple of minutes it seemed like much longer. She was a good looking woman and I felt I had just missed an opportunity. I was unable to follow her as my queue of traffic moved.

What are the chances of me seeing her at the same time tomorrow…