The Sexual Exchange

By | July 24, 2011

Black Latex VampThere’s an exchange between  people whenever they interact. In person you get the full array of sensory and psychological interaction, on the phone you can hear their voice and on a webcam chat you get the cideo as well, whereas in an email you are limited to what your correspondent chooses to write.

But when it comes to a picture of a model there’s a third person involved even though you don’t see them. The photographer. They mediate the interaction, directing the model choosing when to take the picture and then often editing it.

What does often shine through though is when the model simply knows what they are doing, you can see their personality shining through, shot after shot. When it’s a model like this there’s a real understanding on both the part of the model an the viewer. She knows that you are looking at the image for the purposes of titillation and possibly straight arousal and she is delivering it with the playful look and making the most of the kinky, sexy wardrobe.

The photographer may moderate but when a model is this sure of herself and experienced in delivering this specific product, the kinky image, the photographer simply acts as facilitator and less as director.