The Sex Pet

By | July 24, 2011

The Sex PetBeing a pet, the ultimate submissive, is one of those things that I’ve seen discussed on the internet over the years that we’ve been sex blogging. In a small way I understand it, though I’ve never actually desired to keep someone in such servitude.

That’s not because I have a problem with a BDSM lifestyle of a totally D/s relationship if all those involved are consenting but it’s simply not my nature to desire it and therefore I can’t truly claim to fully comprehend the motivations of those who desire of live such a lifestyle.

I’m always cautious about commenting when it comes to sexual orientations that I don’t have a complete understanding of. And that understanding to me requires that I actually feel it in a deep gut-wrenching sort of way. It’s one thing to read about a sexual persuasion and have an intellectual understanding of it but while the brain might be the largest sexual organ it consists of conscious and subconscious parts working together to make up a person’s personality. So the intellectual part of sexuality is only a small part of the whole

We can all understand the conscious, intellectual side of a personality be that vanilla, BDSM, D/s or any other orientation but to understand the true, rounded personality and therefore a person’s sexuality you need to understand the subconscious, the id.

Having a sexual pet works on two levels. It appeals to the very simplistic desire to have a sexual slave on tap but to live a lifestyle where one partner is truly a pet and the other the owner of that pet is something else. You can role-play the sexual pet/master scenario even as a vanilla couple but to truly live it is another thing altogether. Fankly I’ve never met a couple who actually live it. I’ve met couples in D/s relationships, couples who switch and those who like to act the part of pet and master occasionally but never someone who actually lives it.

I don’t doubt there are people out there who do actually live this lifestyle fully and truly but if there are they must be few and far between.

BTW this isn’t a criticism of those who toy with the master/pet scenario, we’ve all done that to a greater or lesser extent and drawn pleasure from it. But it would be nice to actually meet someone in such a relationship one day.