Those Little Blue Gloves

By | January 24, 2007

Some of my ardent readers of my last post “Put Your Finger On The Button” made a guess at the other reason I keep my middle right finger nail short and hit the nail of the head.  Yes, I keep it short for anal play.  Not on me but on Alex and he loves it…If I didn’t keep it short it may pierce my rubber glove and scratch Alex’s anal passage. 

We both love to indulge in his anal pleasure.  The very thought of finger fucking him in the ass makes me wet.  Before we begin I just have to retrieve two items from the pleasure boxâ„¢, a large tub of petroleum jelly and my blue rubber gloves. 

I have tried lots of positions but the most comfortable is with Alex on all fours over my outstretched legs.  He leans over a pile of pillows to make himself comfy.  Next to me I place the opened tub of petroleum jelly and a toilet roll.

With my finger I scoop up a pea sized blob of PJ on to the middle finger of my glove and with my other hand I smear it around the length of my finger.  Esuring that there is a thick coating on the very end of my finger so insertion is easy (Alex has a lovely tight anus). 

When my finger is nicely coated in the lube I start to gently work around his anus with my finger.  Massaging his hole as I run my finger in a circle around his muscular opening, preparing him for entry.  This normally gets Alex in the mood, making him relaxed as he crouches on to the pillows, raising his ass in the air, opening those firm cheeks for me.  At this point my heart is usually thumping hard in my chest, I get so turned on at the thought of entering him.

I now begin to part the circle of muscle with my finger, it feels tight as it hugs my finger.  He groans as he feels me push inside him.  His cock is now growing between his legs.  I slide in a little deeper, making my way to his internal sphincter.  Alex is usually very relaxed and enjoying the sensation of my finger being inside his anus by now.  I take it very slowly, you don’t want to tear anything inside and your partner wants to feel pleasure not pain.

With my left hand I now start to massage his perineum by applying firm pressure and rubbing along it’s length.  I feel his cock twitch as he becomes more aroused, his cock is now dripping pre cum from the tip.  He now starts to let me know that he is really enjoying himself and moves back against my hand, forcing me deeper in to him and bypassing his internal sphincter.

His cock is now rubbing on my inner forearm as I massage his hard perineum, the very root of his growing erection.  I can feel him growing in length and girth as I continue to massage and push my finger in to his depths.  Any other finger simply would not reach far enough in to him.  I’m now over his “sweet spot”, his prostate gland.  I move my finger round inside in a circular motion, I love to tease him before the intensity of internal massage.

Alex is now fully erect and his cock is banging on my arm, alerting me that it needs some attention.  I remove my left hand from his perineum and take a firm grip of his hard shaft.  By now Alex is moaning and groaning with his eyes closed, fully stimulated, aroused and ready to be milked.  My hand starts to move up and down his erection, pulling his foreskin in rhythm with my movement.

He raises up on to his fingertips and pushes his head skyward as I push down against his prostate.  He releases a triumphant sigh as my finger moves over the bumpy terrain of his prostate.  I speed up my strokes of his cock.  My finger bends again to descend upon his prostate gland, I apply even pressure and begin to massage.  Alex starts to gently buck against my left hand, pulling his foreskin firmly back with each thrust.

I massage his prostate again with my finger and he lets out a whimper of delight.  I’m so wet by now, just watching him getting off on my attention.  My pussy is pounding and just begging to be entered but no…this is Alex’s time.

He is now fucking my hand and I’m gently rubbing him inside.  This is so good to watch…a man being totally absorbed in his own pleasure.  I almost cum just watching him enjoying what I am doing to him.

Alex fucks my hand and I massage away and he fucks and I massage and…then all of a sudden he ejaculates and it flies out over the bedsheets in a translucent ribbon.  Some spills on to my hand and I make a mental note to recover it with my tongue once he stops bucking.

With the final thrust and groan, he drops to his shoulders on the bed.  I slowly extract my finger, feeling his grip loosen around my digit as I withdraw.  He is now spent and content, with his arse sticking up in the air and I’m wet and ready to fuck myself with my purple vibe.

You can almost hear the pop as I extract my finger from his ass.  I take a piece of the toilet roll and roll my glove up in it.  He flops on to his side in a distant orgasmic haze and I reach inside my bedside draw for my battery operated friend.  I’m so bloody turned on it won’t take me long.  😉