Getting Dirty With The Pornstars

By | July 27, 2008

Ben DoverAlex and I have just returned from a wonderful day in Birmingham at the Erotic Trade Only event. This annual event is attended by wholesalers and suppliers to the adult trade.

We got chance to meet some of the people we have been reviewing toys for over the past few weeks, including a lovely lady from and the guy behind the UK arm of Don Wands, and lots of new people.

All of this should culminate in us cementing new relationships with suppliers ensuring that Sex Toys Buzz does exactly what it says on the tin and buzzes away for a long time to come. I would love to be able to tell you what we have coming up in the pipeline but I will have to keep quiet until things are finalised.

Both Alex and I are buzzing. Lol

I also got to meet Ben Dover and the very lovely Cathy Barry, we are going to have to stop meeting like this. 😉 It was a very hot day in more ways than one and Cathy had a very short white lace dress clinging to her, she looked good.

Alex also took a look at a very interesting and novel inflatable which he will be telling you about. I’m sure there will be some looners out there eager to get their hands on this. 😉

All in all it was a very fulfilling and enriching day but I am absolutely buggered. Lol

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