Nasty, Naughty Nurse!

By | July 28, 2008
Naught Nurse In PVCSo, there I was minding my own business, up a ladder stripping the paint from the garage door when I turned and rested my arm against what I thought was the aluminium ladder frame. Except it wasn’t. It was the hot-air paint stripping gun I’d just put down, 500 milliseconds and a whiff of burning flesh later and I have the lovely crescent shaped burn you can see below.Fucking nasty, fucking ouch!So I figured I needed a naughty nurse to kiss it better. Suze is busy and in her usual sympathetic way (whenever I have an accident) she exclaimed “How the bloody hell did you do that!”. Nice to know she cares!

In the absence of Suze putting on a ridiculously skimpy PVC number and giving me a bed bath I thought the image to the left would make me and the rest of you feel better.