All Tits And Ass

By | July 31, 2011

Blonde In Tin BathI’ve come down with a stinking cold these past couple of days which has stolen my voice and given me a sore throat amongst other symptoms I’m sure you’re familiar with.

Because I was feeling so shitty today Alex kindly asked me if rather than attempting to cook dinner if I would like to pay a visit to our favourite country pub for a meal.

I didn’t need asking twice and I quickly changed and we were off before he changed his mind lol.  After a nice 20 minute drive we were there.  The car park was almost empty save a couple of other cars which would mean we could probably sit at our favourite window table.

We both walked in and up to the bar to place our orders and were greeted by the busty blonde who works there.  And today what a site she was, because it was hot she was wearing even less than she normally wears.  ;0

She was wearing a rather deep scooped top which showed off her cleavage to its best and when I looked over the bar she was in a skirt which could best be described as just below minge base.  Lol

I tried not to let her catch me looking at her ample bossom as she pulled Alex a pint but couldn’t help myself.  She certainly wouldn’t have a problem raising twins if you know what I mean.  Just one slight problem she looks to be about half my age.

But then again, age is just a number isn’t it…