Selling Sex

By | August 1, 2011

Girl WIth Cine-CameraWe both had a bit of a busman’s holiday today.  On the way back from the spending the morning at the mall we popped in to our local adult store.  Every now and then we like to check out if there are any new toys and the clientele, it’s interesting to see what the general public are buying.

The store was fairly quiet, there were a couple of guys wandering around the DVD area checking out the latest titles and there were a couple of girls checking out the vibrators.

I stood next to the girls trying to find out which vibrators had caught there interest as I fondled a rabbit vibrator.  It’s really hard for me not to jump in and start offering advice when I’m in there, especially as I have tried most of the products they sell.

Both of the girls were very interested in a vibe I had tried a while ago which wasn’t very impressive and I was dying to tell them not to bother but decided to keep my nose out.  Fortunately they moved on to another one which I knew would be a wiser choice.

So smiling to myself we both left the shop, me wondering if telepathically they had picked up on my bad vibes about the vibe.  lol