Suze Gets Her Rocks Off

By | July 29, 2008

A review of the Mini G Rock Vibrator from California Exotics.

Last weekend was so hot the pavement and roads were steaming and no matter what you did to cool down the heat would get to you within moments. I love it to be bright and sunny but we don’t have air conditioning to be able to escape from the heat.

We hoped that the evening would bring cooler weather and a relief from the days heat but it didn’t. Despite being uncomfortably warm I found my libido rocketed, all this sun made me feel so randy. 😉

The only problem being that it was far too hot to fuck. No seriously, both of us were too hot to get close to each other let alone do the dirty deed. Lol Everything we made contact with stuck to us, not very conducive to a good session.

It was whilst laying in bed next to each other, desperately wanting to fuck, to have sex, to come! That I remembered my new toy the Mini G Rock Total Pleasurer. It was too hot to fuck but masturbation, well that was another thing all together.

Alex reached inside his bedside drawer and withdrew his favourite cock ring and I reached in to mine for the G Rock which I had pre loaded with it’s battery when I washed it the other day. I always keep my new toys to hand and ready for use when I am in the mood to test them I find they review best “naturally” rather than setting time aside each day.

The G Rock is ergonomically contoured
Waterproof, good for use in the shower or bath. 😉
The stimulator can be removed for cleaning, choice of cleaning being a quick wash with soap and water, boiling or you can place it in your dishwasher…not too sure about that…I don’t have one, I would have to use a neighbours. Lol
It is constructed out of soft, flexible silicone
At it’s widest point it is 9.5cm in circumference with an insertible length of 13cm
The bullet take 1 x LR-01 battery and operates on an on/off button

Right that said…

Alex was now laying on his back totally naked with the pedestal fan blowing cool air over his body and I was by his side in just a thin nightshirt. It was too bloody hot and I raised my body off the bed and slipped the shirt over my shoulders, casting it to the floor.

Both of us were now naked atop the bedsheet and thin cover. It feels strange to be able to lay naked in your bedroom without the heating being on in this country. And even when you do have it on, it is usually still quite nippy. It is a novelty to be able to lay around with nothing on but a smile but I like it. I may have to move to Florida to experience this all year round one day. 🙂

Alex was getting in to the swing of things, his hand now gently teasing the tip of his cock as he ran his fingers under his cock head. I checked my moisture levels and my finger returned to my mouth wet and tasty. ;0 I tested myself again this time offering Alex the opportunity to taste me too. I placed my wet finger upon his lip and he sucked me over his plump red lips, between his teeth and sucked on me like a calf.

I felt for the G Rock laying by my side and positioned it ready to penetrate me, running it along my pussy to moisten the tip before plunging me depths. The G Rock slipped inside me with ease, perhaps a little too much ease. This toy does not have the girth of it’s older cousin which for me does not quite fill the need in me. If you get my drift. 😉 But for a beginner it would be very good or an adult toy novice.

It did not stretch me and I found the stimulation offered when I pressed the magic button didn’t quite work for me either. Unlike it’s older cousin the bullet is mounted midway along the toy and gives the most vibratory stimulation just inside the opening to the vagina. Which would work for some women but I’m afraid it didn’t work for me. Perhaps I needed the “Maxi” version.

However, I did find that when I used my finger to lift the soft tail of the vibe nuzzling on my clit and began to frig my clit that I was soon able to reach those dizzying heights. Within minutes I was clenching my ass and bucking onto my hand.

This toy would be a must for any newbie to the world of adult toys or one who is aroused by mild vaginal stimulation. That said I would not rule this out as a “base toy” to be used with other stimulation.

It also gave me a chance to use my digits again, I have become used to mechanical stimulation these days and that was fun!