Hot Off The Press

By | September 13, 2006

Hot Off The PressOver the past 17 months I have tried to open eyes and with regular fetish posts.  I have brought you everything from foot fetishism to looners.  It has been an interesting aside to my normal writings here at AlexSuze and I know that some of you have really enjoyed being enlightened and perhaps some have been tempted off into new areas to explore.

I believe this world is all about discovery and that being educated gives us choices in lifestyle.  This will remain a feature here on AS as long as I can keep finding new fetishes to bring to you.  If there is anyone out there who would like to share their fetish or even submit a post about it please contact me I would love to hear from you anonymously or not.

Now back to business.  Who loves to read newspapers?  No, who really loves to read newspapers…and touch them and smell that newsprint.  Hold your hands up higher I can’t see you.

This one caught my eye today.  There is a sight which devotes itself to newspaper fetishism, with pictures of both male and females in various states of undress reading them.  At first I thought it was a joke site but it looks real, charging 12 cents per view on its images.

They don’t charge a joining fee for the site, if anyone has paid per view would you drop me a line letting me know if this is a valid fetish site.  If I have wetted your appetite and you would like to take a look the site is  I suppose it is good clean fun and when you are finished you can use the paper to mop up the mess!