Porn Of The Past, Retro Porn Rocks (Hard)

By | August 3, 2011

Vintage PornPorn by comparison to the 70’s & 80’s has come on in leaps and bounds both in quality and diversity. Way back then you couldn’t see a girl receiving a bit of DP action. In fact anal was hardly out there at all.

Most of the scenes were bland and restrictive by comparison to contemporary porn. And don’t mention the acting. Lol These days you can see everything from dogging to well directed and creative BDSM scenes with lots of latex and spanking.

But the most quintessential element of the old style porn movie was the sound track. Who could forget the Wakka Chikka music which accompanied the videos. Yes, they were videos back in those days. Lol

You could walk in to a room and know immediately if there was a “bluey” being shown by the soundtrack. Nowadays the music is more refined and can be played without fear of anyone knowing what you are watching.

I found this recently with the DVD’s we have been watching and reviewing. You don’t have to worry about the music just the moaning and groaning from the porn stars.

This train of thought leads you to this link – this site has some quite interesting interpretations of porn music that you can sample. I personally like the mellow tones of “Silk and Sweat” but the “Porn King” takes me back. 😉