Making The Springs Squeak

By | August 5, 2011

Fucking OutdoorsAlex and I have made several attempts at this but it is quite difficult to not only find the right spot where someone isn’t going to stumble over you, quite literally. The thought of someone discovering you can be quite exciting and add to the moment but it can also stop you from enjoying the experience to its full potential.

For good sex wherever it takes place you need to be relaxed to go with the moment, that said if you do find the right spot it can be so exciting getting naked outdoors and getting grass stains on you. 😉

There are two reasons for my thoughts turning to outdoor sex, the first is because the weather over here in the UK these last few weeks has been very warm and makes the idea all the more appealing. The second reason, we were given an all amateur dogging DVD to watch and review and we have both been surprised with how much it has turned us on.

It wouldn’t have been a choice that I would have made when selecting a DVD from our local adult store but I’m so glad that we were given it for review. It has opened up a totally different aspect to our adult viewing and surpasses the polished formulaic DVD’s we have all seen in the past.

You are made to feel like a fly on the wall and it is extremely arousing watching, being the voyeur. Just thinking about it is making me wet, I’m going to have to go and sort myself out! 😉