Looking For Pussy

By | July 30, 2008

We had a rather disgruntled individual comment on one of our sex toy reviews the other night. I believe the comment went something like “What the fuck is this I was looking for cat toys”. At first I thought it was one of the usual bunch of haradens who leave nasty comments but this guy was genuinely upset. Lol

It seems he had attempted to search the oodles of sites on YouTube and come across one of our reviews in his quest. He had landed on our review of a Top Cat toy, a remote controlled vibrator.

Now do correct me if I am wrong but if you search on YouTube for “top cat toy” our video is clearly displaying still of me with a rabbit vibrator and the text to the right side of the video is saying that it is a vibrator.

So, you would think that the person concerned would be a) able to see that the image displayed was of a vibrator and b) read that the video relates to a vibrator.

Maybe it’s just me but do some people actually think these days or do they need to follow instruction. Lol