Girls Who Like Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Girls

By | August 5, 2011

Hand On PussySuze seems to have a great time while I’m out at work, reviewing toys, reviewing adult DVDs and very often both at the same time.

This happened today while she was reviewing her latest adult DVD. “Lust For Young Busts” is directed by Gazzman and while I was proof reading the review I noticed that she was at it again, having a fiddle, rubbing one out while reviewing the title.

What a cheek! LOL

Of course I don’t mind at all because Suze is a horny bitch and it doesn’t stop her wanting to get jiggy with me when I get home. She is a very sexual person and I can be quite insatiable at times.

What did occur to, me is that she had her last orgasm on the mattress after I did. We screwed last night and that was my last climax, then this afternoon she came all on her lonesome before the delivery guys brought our new mattress and retrieved the old one for disposal.

I wonder how many times we’ve fucked on that mattress?

Anyway, if you want to read the review you can read it here.